The owner agrees to rent a motor vehicle to the Lessee under the terms and conditions hereunder and the Lessee
acknowledges same and it is agreed:

  1. VEHICLE – The vehicle, which includes tyres, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documents, does not belong to the Lessee but is delivered to the Lessee for rental purposes only and is in good operating condition.
  2. AUTHORIZED DRIVERS – In addition to the Lessee, the vehicle should be only driven
    by the additional Lessee mentioned in this contract. The additional driver should be over 25 years and possess a valid driver’s license, with at least 2 years’ experience. Grenada law requires a temporary local driver permit to
    drive in Grenada (valid for up to 3 months). These may be procured at the time of rental. All foreign drivers must still present a valid driver’s license at the time of rental. US$24.00 or EC$60.00 (Cash only)
  3. VEHICLE RETURN – The vehicle must be kept clean. Any damage to the interior or soiled or torn upholstery will incur a fine equivalent to the cost of cleaning or repairing the damage. The Lessee will return the vehicle in good operating condition on the date due, or sooner upon demand.
  4. FAILURE TO RETURN VEHICLE – If the Lessee fails to return the vehicle on the due date and US$20.00 per hour will be charged until the vehicle is returned.
  5. REPOSSESSION OF VEHICLE – The vehicle may be reposed at the Lessee’s cost and without notice if it is not returned on the due date, is illegally parked, used in violation of the laws of Grenada and or this agreement, appears to be abandoned, or if the Lessee gives false or misleading information at the time of the rental. The owner reserves the right to reposes the vehicle at any time without notice if the vehicle is used contrary to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  6. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER – By signing to accept CDW, the Lessee agrees to pay $17.25 Per Day or part thereof, and the Lessor agrees to waive all claims against the Lessee above the value of the deductible of EC$5,000.00 (Subject to paragraph 7). By declining CDW the Lessee assumes full responsibility of damages to the vehicle to a maximum of the value of the vehicle.
  7. PERSONAL LIABILITY – The Lessee is personally liable for all fines, penalties and court cost for parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle, Lessee or additional Lessee while in the Lessee’s possession together with any cost incurred in the event that the Lessee fail to make the payments; fuel used during the period of rental; The client agrees that in connection with any claims or violations, and information relating to the Lessee
    may be submitted to the relevant authorities. Where the Vehicle is used in violation of this Agreement, the (Lessee) Renter will be liable for all costs, damages or losses incurred not limited to the refundable deposit or deductible.
  8. USE RESTRICTION – The vehicle will not be used or operated by anyone:
    a. Who has obtained the vehicle by using false or misleading information;
    b. Who is not capable or safely driving the vehicle due to alcohol, drugs, drowsiness, or otherwise
    c. In any training activity, contest or for any illegal purpose or any violation of the laws of Grenada;
    d. For the carriage of passengers or property for a consideration express or implied;
    e. To transport goods in violation of the customs regulation;
    f. To push or tow any vehicle or other object;
    g. In any abusive or reckless manner;
    h. On other than regularly maintained roadways;
  9. ACCIDENT- In the case of an accident the Lessee is responsible to notify the Mobility Solutions (G’da) Limited 420-1642 before the police and should not accept any liabilities. The Lessee is solely responsible for any damage
    cause to the vehicle due to an accident and is liable to pay an amount of $100.00 per day for (loss of use) until the vehicle is out of garage in the state in which the vehicle was received.
  10. DAMAGE VEHICLE – The Lessee will not use the vehicle if it is damaged or in need of repair and will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle resulting from such use.
  11. VEHICLE REPAIR – The Lessee should not perform any repairs to or replacement of any part of the vehicle without
    the prior consent of Mobility Solutions (G’da) Limited. The Lessee agrees to pay for all such unauthorized repairs
    and parts, it is also the Lessee responsibility to repair flat tires unless cause by wear and tear.
  12. LOST KEYS – All lost keys should be immediately reported to Mobility Solutions (G’da) Limited.
    good operating condition on the date due, or sooner upon demand.
  13. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT – If the client chooses to terminate the contract at an earlier date, at least two
    (2) day’s notice should be given. Failure to so will result in a charge of US$50.00 per day on the contract.