Traffic moves on the left in Grenada; the majority of vehicles are right-hand drive. Grenada’s roads, paved and unpaved, are mostly narrow and winding, with many blind corners, narrow or no shoulders, and steep drops into the many ravines and road drains found on Grenada’s three islands. There are few sidewalks, and cars vie with pedestrians for road space. Road lighting varies on all three islands, which compounds the dangers at night. Road surfaces often deteriorate, especially during the rainy season (June–November) before maintenance work begins.

Driving conditions in Grenada, including road conditions, increasing numbers of vehicles, and sometimes aggressive minibus drivers all require caution and reduced speed for safety.

The Government of Grenada has a seat belt law; drivers and passengers found not wearing seat belts are subject to a fine of EC$1,000 (US$400).

Before you drive in Grenada, a local temporary driver’s license, EC$60 (US$24), is mandatory. In the event of an accident, not having a valid local driver’s license will result in a fine, regardless of who is at fault. Grenada Rent a Car will assist in providing temporary driver’s licenses. The adequacy of road signage varies, but is generally poor to nonexistent.